Courses Offered in Academic Programs at Yeditepe University:


Department of Psychology

PSY 475 Social Responsibility Project I
PSY 476 Social Responsibility Project II

The Department of Psychology offers these courses to provide the students with the opportunity to serve actively with social service institutions and develop a sense of social responsibility. In these courses, students design, development and implement a project that can serve the wellbeing of the community. Students work actively with social service institutions and apply scientific knowledge with the aim of improving the quality of life of the individuals.

Some of the social service institutions our students worked with from 2010:

  • RUSİHAK (Ruh Sağlığında İnsan Hakları Girişimi)- Human Rights Initiative in Mental Health 
  • LÖSEV (Lösemili Çocuklar Vakfı) - Children with Leukemia Foundation
  • TİV (Türkiye İşitme ve Konuşma Rehabilitasyon Vakfı) - Turkish Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Foundation
  • KAÇUV (Kanserli Çocuklara Umut Vakfı) - Hope for Children with Cancer Foundation
  • Düşler Akademisi - Dreams Academy (Making Dreams Come True: Empowerment of the Disabled in Turkey


Department of Anthropology

ANT 156 Social Problems
ANT 251 Community Awareness

The Anthropology Department at Yeditepe University offers the above two one-semester courses where students have the opportunity to work on a social issue. In this context, many students choose to work with NGO’s that are concerned with enabling individuals who have different educational and social needs.

Some of the institutions where students have carried out community work include:

  • İstanbul Taksim Loggita Speech Center
  • İstanbul Parıltı Education Center
  • İstanbul Kayışdağı Darülaceze Old People’s Home


Faculty of Education

PCG 243 Guidance and Counseling in Special Education


Department of Physiotherapy ve Rehabilitation

PTR 250 Disability and Society


European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity (EUDAPA) Program

Yeditepe University is a partner of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences for European University Diploma of Haaga-Helia University in Adapted Physical Activity (EUDAPA).