Anthropology Department, in line with its community awareness concerns, has generated a number of undergraduate and graduate theses related to the cultural conditions encircling members with a disability.


  • PhD. Thesis, Nevzat Denk, 2013, Gözde Dalan, The Anthropology of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • PhD. Thesis, 2009, An Anthropological Study of the Social Security System in Turkey and Problems of Retirement
  • PhD. Thesis, (devam eden) Özge Burgut, Disease Perception of Mothers with Children Who Have Phenilketuneria
  • MA Thesis, 2007, Sema Alpaytaç, A Case Study on Autism in Turkey


  • Ehad Midilli, The Impact of Speech Impairment (Stuttering) on Social Life: An Anthropological Study Carried Out Among Attendees of İstanbul, Taksim, Loggita Speech Center, 2006 
  • Tuğba Erenler, Evaluation and Attitudes of 12 Mothers who have 3-6 years old children with visual impairment and who attend the İstanbul Parıltı Visually Impaired Education Center, 2006 
  • Sevgi Hale, Anthropological Study on 7 Inhabitants living in the İstanbul Kayışdağı Darülaceze Old People’s Home: Their intergroup relations and their world view on ageing, 2008 
  • Nuray Çavuşoğlu, Families Who Own an Autistic Child: Examples from Istanbul, 2011 


Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation students completed the following undergraduate theses involving various issues of people with disabilities:

  • Elif Üstün, The relation of strength of shoulder and shoulder girdle muscles on the fine and gross motor skills of children with intellectual disabilities, 2013 
  • Tuğba Öztürk, The impacts of antigravity muscles’ strength to balance, posture and levels of physical activity in children with intellectual disability, 2013 
  • Seda Baktır, Comparison of respiratory parameters between children with and without physical disabilities, 2013 
  • Hande Köseoğlu, Investigation of quality of life issues for families and their children with cerebral palsy, 2013
  • Esra Kalkan, The relationship between activities of daily living and motor function of upper extremity among patient with hemiplegia 2013 


Assistive Technology research at the  Faculty of Engineering  click here .


Department of Computer Engineering carries out research and projects related to people with disabilities. Some of the completed graduate and undergraduate thesis are as follows:



  • Gamze Uslu, Indoor Activity Monitoring with Bayesian Classification, 2011
  • Haktan Işılak, Intelligent Home for Disabled/Elderly People, 2011
  • İsmail Yavuz, Transportation Aid for Visually Impaired People, 2011
  • Hakan Gök, Transmission of Voice Commands over Multihop WSN for Disabled: An Experimental Study, 2011
  • Cihat Keser, Controlling Computer Mouse and Keyboard using a Head-mounted Accelerometer, 2011
  • Mert Usta, Turkish Sign Language Interpreter, 2011
  • Ahmet Polat, Sign Interpreter using Accelerometer, 2011
  • Canberk Aslan, Finger-Driven Mouse Navigation System for Disabled, 2011
  • Barış İnanç, Neural Impulse Activator Supported Web Browser for Disabled, 2011
  • Tansel Bozkurt, Facially Interacted Dining Robot Arm for MS Patients, 2011
  • Ercan Çınar, A Touchscreen Keypad Application on Mini2440 for Disabled People, 2011
  • Halil İbrahim Dursunoğlu, Multimodal Human Activity Monitoring, 2012
  • Abdurrahman Mürsel, Monitoring Progress of Patients in Rehabilitation, 2013
  • Haluk Alp Kellecioğlu, A Virtual Reality Environment for Rehabilitation, 2013
  • Erdem Sarı, Word Bomb: Educational Game for MS Patients, 2013
  • Barışcan Kayaoğlu,  Gyroscope Enhanced Glove Mouse, 2013