CCOSD Directives

Objective, Scope, Base and Definitions

ARTICLE 1 – (1) Organizing the procedures and rudiments of Students with disabilities  created in The Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability Yeditepe University, by taking necessary measures and regulations in order to ease the education life and to ensure the full participation to the education process of the students with disabilities enrolled in Yeditepe University. 

ARTICLE 2 – (1) These regulations, include provisions related to task and actions scopes of  The Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability.

ARTICLE 3 – (1) These regulations are based on 1/7/2005 dated and 5378 numbered Law on Disabled People and on Making Amendments in Some Laws and Decree law’s 15th article.
ARTICLE 4 – (1) Expressions and abbreviations mentioned in these regulations refer to the meanings below:

University : Yeditepe University

Trustee Committee : Trustee committee of Yeditepe University

Chancellor : Chancellor of Yeditepe University

Unit  : Yeditepe University The Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability

Students with Disabilities: Students having difficulties and incapablements accomplishing activities which can be described as normal or considered normal within limits due to physical, sensorial, mental, intellectual, auditory or visual impairments, occurred congenitally or subsequently in consequence of diseases or accidents.



The Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability of Yeditepe University  

ARTICLE 5 – (1) Creation of The Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability,  which is connected to the Medico-Social, Health, Culture and Sports Affairs Department of University, and consists of teachings staff and representatives of relevant departments, works under the responsibility of a vice-chancellor appointed by the chancellor of Yeditepe University in order to identify the needs of students with disabilities in academical, tools and supplies related, administrative, physical, shelter related, social and also in similar fields and to determine research needs to be done, and  planning, applying, enhancing the work to be done, and also to evaluate the results of the studies. Procedures and principals of this unit are determined by  the Turkish Higher Education Council.

(2)  The Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability stationed in the universities report the results of the evaluations to the Turkish Higher Education Council.    


Tasks of  the Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability:

ARITCLE 6 – (1) The Tasks of the   Consultation and Coordination Office for Students with Disability  are :

a) To determine the needs of the students with disabilities enrolled in higher education programs while they continue their educations, in the areas of education, scholarship, administration, physical, shelter, social and so on, and to determine the steps needed to provide these  requirements, to propose solutions, to do necessary regulations in coordination with the other units or departments stationed in university,

b) To work in the fields including, regulations of education, research and accommodation areas intended for students with disabilities, preparation of the specific lesson materials, procurement of tools and supplies intended for students with disabilities, optimizing the educational environment which they attend, in order to not block their physical and social lives according to the special case of the students with disabilities,

c) To engage in publication activities intended for students and teaching staff in higher education grade, to prepare instructive documents explaining the regulations need to be made, disability related

concepts and limitations comes with these concepts, increase the level of awareness, provide consultancy services to those who are interested, provide in-service education when necessary,

ç) To develop programs and projects, organize seminars, conferences and similar activities in                                 order to increase the level of awareness and to create awareness in the area of disability,

d) To prepare and conduct the working program of the unit, determine the budget needs for activities and prepare the yearly activity record and report to the vice-chancellor it’s connected to,

e) To provide documents and information about the students with disabilities unit’s tasks and activities to the students with disabilities to help them express their wish and desires and to create a web site in order to communicate with the involved unit,

f) To supervise the decisions taken and applying determined strategies,

g) To do studies about counselling and supporting the students with disabilities who has financial difficulties in order to provide students with disabilities the tools and supplies they need without paying,

ğ) In order to make all students subjected to a just and fair assessment and evaluation, to ensure the equality of opportunity and to predispose the education process for the students with disabilities; conduct studies on, extra time for the students with disabilities during exams, provision of attendant/reader if necessary, solving the problems of place and material that students need, taking the necessary measures in accordance with the differences caused by the nature of the disability, and regulations.

h) Conduct studies about preparation of books and documents giving information concerning the employment opportunities and professions, and to deliver these to the students with disabilities.

ı) To identify the students with disabilities during the enrolment process who got into the higher education programs.

i) To ensure the development of a disability friendly environment in campus and to ensure the accessibility of university campus and structures within it to the students with disabilities.


Additional and Last Verdicts

ARTICLE 7 – (1) This directive will be validated after the approval of the Trustee Committee.

ARTICLE 8 – (1) Verdicts of this directive are executed by the Chancellor of Yeditepe University