Go Beyond Barriers, Compete in Employment
Yeditepe University was one of the partners of the project managed by the Istanbul Development Agency 2011-2012, and was responsible for promoting disability awareness in the society.

Weight Status and Postural Changes of People with Autism
The project of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is supported by the Ministry of Family and Social Politics and the Directory of Disabled and Elderly, and The Foundation of Support and Education for People with Autism Turkey- TODEV - 2013-2014

Joint Project Agreement with of World Disability Foundation
A Joint Project Agreement was signed with the Chairman of the World Disability Foundation (WDF) and the Rector of Yeditepe University during a Conference of the United Nations in New York in September 2012.

Joint Project of WDF and Carleton University for Integrated Education of Disabled Children
Yeditepe University is currently the Solution Partner in the ongoing Joint Project of WDF and Carleton University for Integrated Education of Disabled Children, 2013.

From Bilecik to Balkans, from woman to woman
Yeditepe University, Deparment of Sociology, determined Bilecik as the practice area for scientific studies in 2011. The department maintains scientific activities in this city depending on an approach called “From Bilecik to Balkans, from woman to woman” – “Bilecikten Balkanlara, Kadından Kadına” which includes many projects. In this context, “The Project of Rainbow” – “Gökkuşağı Projesi” started by local initiatives in Bilecik with the aim of supporting lives of people with disabilities, has been supported.

Online Psychological Counseling
The project of “Online Psychological Counseling” has been realized by the Society of Muscle Diseases and students in the department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling.

Community Service

CCOSD has been cooperating with Ataşehir and Maltepe Municipalities on social responsibility projects:

  • 250 primary and middle-school students with disabilities have been given swimming lessons on the Campus.
  • 145 young people with intellectual disabilities have been trained on 5 different skills and have been occupied as workers in various firms.
  • Bottle cap collectors have been installed in the main buildings of the Campus for ongoing wheelchair campaigns.